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A Peer-reviewed, Quarterly Published Science Magazine

Executive Members


Shankha Kamley


Dibyayan Nandi
Co-founder/Executive Assistant


Swapnorup Nag
Co-founder/Creative Head

Advisory Board


Somnath Pal
Guest Faculty (Physics Dept.)
Rabindra Mahavidyalaya, Champadanga


Somnath Chakraborty
Assistant Teacher
Khano High School, Burdwan


Dr. Gouranga Kole
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


Dr. Sudipta Gangopadhyay
HOD (Physics Dept.)
Shyamsundar College, Burdwan

Dr. Ayan Mukherjee
HOD (Physics Dept.)
RRS college, Magadh University, Patna

About the Website & Magazine

This is the official website of Akashganga Science Magazine aka aSciMag, founded by Shankha Kamley. The features breaking news (news published after 21st November 2016) about the latest inventions in science, health, the environment, space and more – from major news services and leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizationsVisitors can browse many individual topics, grouped into 7(seven) main sections (listed under the Science News tab in the navigational menu), covering: Astronomy, Earth, Physics, Chemistry, Nano-Science, Mathematics, Health & Bioscience. Stories are posted daily, selected from hundreds of sources around the world. Links to journals/sources and relevant materials (where available) are included at the end of each post. Shankha Kamley (CEO), who owns this website and it’s copyright too. He manages all back-end tasks related to this website like web designing, content writing etc.

After launching this website an initiative was taken by Dibyayan Nandi & Shankha Kamley together to publish a ‘Science Magazine‘ which was initiated in December 2016. On 1st January, they published a printed pre-issue/first look of the magazine named as ‘Akashganga Science Magazine’.But the progression mainly got it’s peak after, Swapnorup Nag joined the team as a co-founding member in the mid-January 2017. After his joining, the first issue of ‘Akashganga Science Magazine’ got published officially and achieved a huge success. It is continuing as a peer-reviewed quarterly science magazine (e-mag), publishing through this website. It’s print versions are also being published in parallel.

Akashganga Science Magazine is always happy to have individuals contribute their knowledge and insights. If you would like to share your expertise with the readers of Akashganga Science Magazine’s content, you can write yourself by joining us. Join us through the Sign-in box by clicking ‘Login with Facebook/twitter’ at the right side.

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