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August 2018 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine

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Officially publishing the ‘August 2018′ / 7th issue of Akashganga Science Magazine


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Volume: [VOL.on.(02).3]

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Article titleAuthor(s)IssuePage No.
Deforestation: The Greatest Threat to MankindMiss. Suchishmita Mukherjee[VOL.on.(02).3]4
The Lightning Protector CapMr. Somnath Chakraborty[VOL.on.(02).3]8
From Classical to Quantum Control Systems: Tracing the Metamorphosis of a Science into EngineeringMr. Dhruv Bhatnagar[VOL.on.(02).3]9
Rounding up the NeutrinosMiss. Suchishmita Mukherjee[VOL.on.(02).3]13
Supercapacitor: Supercharging the FutureDr. Ayan Mukherjee[VOL.on.(02).3]17
Bit it and Entangled DimensionsDr. Asutosh Kumar[VOL.on.(02).3]18
Analysis of Naiver-Stokes Equation in TNB Frame (End Part)Mr. Carlos Lopez[VOL.on.(02).3]27

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