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February 2018 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine

VOL.on.(02).1 / ISSN 2456-7663

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Officially publishing the February 2018 – Fifth issue of Akashganga Science Magazine

Language: English, Format: Online
Volume: VOL.ON.(02).1

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Electromagnetic Interaction Between Two Photons Mr Somnath Chakraborty VOL.ON.(02).1 4
Human Memory in Nutshell Dr. Partha Bhattacharjee VOL.ON.(02).1 6
Cosmic Holes Mr Priyam Das VOL.ON.(02).1 8
Proteomics: Study of Proteome Miss Swagata Chakraborty VOL.ON.(02).1 13
An Overview On Ethnobotany Dr Taranisen Panda, Dr Rajballav Mohanty VOL.ON.(02).1 16
New Look At Compton Effect Partha Sarathi Manna VOL.ON.(02).1 19
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