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February 2017 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine


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Officially publishing the ‘February 2017′ / 1st issue of Akashganga Science Magazine

Language: English, Format: Online
Volume: [VOL.on.(01).1]

Quest of Past Mr Dibyayan NandiVOL.on.(01).1 4
Be Like A Light Mr Shankha Kamley, Mr Dibyayan NandiVOL.on.(01).1 6
Re-building Universe Mr Shankha KamleyVOL.on.(01).1 9
Extinction: End of A World Mr Dibyayan NandiVOL.on.(01).1 11
Einstein’s Unfinished Dream (Part-1) Mr Swapnorup Nag VOL.on.(01).1 13
ISRO’s New Eye on Moon VOL.on.(01).1 20
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