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May 2017 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine

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Officially publishing the ‘May 2017′ / 2nd issue of Akashganga Science Magazine

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Volume: [VOL.on.(01).2]

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Faster than Light Mr Dibyayan NandiVOL.on.(01).2
Some Effect of Particle Radiation on Matter and Biological System Somnath Pal, Dr. Uday Kumar KhanVOL.on.(01).2 7
Einstein’s Unfinished Dream (Part-2) Mr Swapnorup NagVOL.on.(01).2 9
Quantum Dots: Artificial Atoms for Quantum Optoelectronics Mr Arup DharaVOL.on.(01).2 12
On the Way to be the God of Electrical Engineering Mr Aniket MajumdarVOL.on.(01).2 14
Historical Background of Laser Sk. Yasnur, Somnath Pal, Riya Sana, Sunandita Pratihar VOL.on.(01).2 16
How Sensors Make Our Day to Day Work Easier Miss Shreya BoseVOL.on.(01).2 17
Team Indus: India’s race to the Moon Mr Shankha KamleyVOL.on.(01).2 18
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