ISSN: 2456-7663
Peer-reviewed Science Magazine

ISSN: 2456-7663

A peer-reviewed, quarterly science magazine that offers you the most exciting topics in different areas of science. Each issue includes expert science reporting, very deep discussions on different topics of science. All of these come in an easy-to-understand user-friendly style that’s perfect for science lovers at any level.

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Why Akashganga

The fact behind the name of the magazine is actually followed by the Hindi translation of the Milky-Way Galaxy. Akashganga Science Magazine is a wide field of assembling all the science lovers and their thinking or ideas related to science. On the basis of today’s education system, there is a disappointment of understanding science, so close to the science Graduate students. If we ask our heart, that have we really gripped the science or just ran after marks? We have lost in a maze of career and exams. We need to step out of that mindset. We need to go through the science. We will try to make science simpler and more attractive so that any person can taste its sweetness. And that’s why Akashganga Science Magazine born. To live with science, to grip the science, actually, we’re going to have a surgery on science. We will think here, will go beyond the boundaries of science, our thinking may be wrong with established formula, but we won’t stop. Thinking of impossibilities increase the way of possibilities and create a new theory. So Come. Join, Let’s build up a new Akashganga, where let the solar system be our established boundaries of limitations. And let our imaginations be the Unknown everything outside of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy (Akashganga). Let’s shout globally.


Shankha Kamley

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