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May 2018 | 6th issue

May 2018 / [VOL.on.(02).2]

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ISSN: 2456-7663

May 2018 | 5th Issue

Officially publishing the ‘May 2018’ / 6th issue of Akashganga Science Magazine


Language: English, Format: Online

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Article titleAuthor(s)IssuePage(s)
Hawking's MultiverseMiss. Suchishmita Mukherjee[VOL.on.(02).2]4 - 7
Mass gaining of planets & Finding the lifeMr. Somnath Chakraborty[VOL.on.(02).2]8
Bio-battery: The future of energy storageDr. Ayan Mukherjee[VOL.on.(02).2]9 - 12
The untold story of DarwinMiss. Soumi Khanra[VOL.on.(02).2]13 - 16
Hydroponics: A soil less cultureMr. Sayantan Jash[VOL.on.(02).2]17 - 23
Analysis of Naiver-Stokes Equation in TNB FrameMr. Carlos Lopez[VOL.on.(02).2]18 - 27

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