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November 2018 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine

VOL.on.(02).4 / ISSN: 2456-7663

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Officially publishing the ‘November 2018′ / 8th issue of Akashganga Science Magazine


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Volume: [VOL.on.(02).4]

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Article titleAuthor(s)IssuePage No.
Research Awakening the Nobel—2018 Miss. Shuchismita Mukherjee, Miss Gunjan Anuj Pandey VOL.on.(02).44
Electron Microscopy: Looking at Small to SmallerDr Ayan MukherjeeVOL.on.(02).411
Communication Within PlantsMiss Gunjan Anuj PandeyVOL.on.(02).416
New Model of Universe: Dark Energy ExplainedMr Somnath ChakrabortyVOL.on.(02).418
What Does the Universe Expanding Into?Sk. Md AdilVOL.on.(02).420
Higgs Boson Doesn't Impart the Total Mass of Your BodyMiss Shuchismita MukherjeeVOL.on.(02).422
All About Very Large Array TelescopesMIss Avinanda ChakrabortyVOL.on.(02).424

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