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Peer-reviewed Science Magazine

November 2017 | 4th issue

February 2017 / [VOL.on.(01).4]

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ISSN (online): 2456-7663

Akashganga Science Magazine: 2nd Issue - May 2017 [vol.on.01.2]ISSN (online): 2456-7663
Officially publishing the Fourth  online issue of  Akashganga Science Magazine
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Language: English

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Article title Author(s) Issue Page(s)
The Mass Phenomenon of Black Holes Somnath Chakraborty VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 4-5
Science Breakthrough: Nobel Prize 2017 Akashganga Team VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 6-10
Space Junks Dr. Ayan Mukherjee VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 11-13
Symmetries in Physical World (Part 2) Debmalya Mukhopadhyay VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 14-19
Cosmology Revealed Rinisha Pillai VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 20-21
Electricity from Human Body Akashganga Team VOL.on.(01).4 / November 2017 22-23

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