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November 2017 issue – Akashganga Science Magazine

VOL.on.(01).4 / ISSN: 2456-7663

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Officially publishing the ‘November 2017′ / 4th issue of Akashganga Science Magazine

Language: English, Format: Online
Volume: [VOL.on.(01).4]

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The Mass Phenomenon of Black Holes Mr Somnath Chakraborty VOL.on.(01).4
Science Breakthrough: Nobel Prize 2017 Akashganga TeamVOL.on.(01).4
Space Junks Dr Ayan MukherjeeVOL.on.(01).4
Symmetries in Physical World (Part 2) Debmalya Mukhopadhyay VOL.on.(01).4 14
Cosmology Revealed Miss. Rinisha Pillai
VOL.on.(01).4 20
Electricity from Human Body Akashganga Team
VOL.on.(01).4 22
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