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Telescope on Moon by ISRO

 ISRO’s New Journey:

 In the last year on 5th November India made history after getting a success on Mars mission that costs only 450 crore INR. And after that ISRO is planning to launch another spacecraft ‘Mangalyaan-2’ towards Mars.

 It is being considered that an orbiter which will be placed on Mars orbit, a Lander & Rover which will be landed on Mars surface.

“The Mangalyaan-2 will be launched from ISRO’s launch site Shriharikota by the launch vehicle GSLV-III in the year 2020 as expected.”

 And here is a New year good news for us and that is another Moon mission by ISRO. In the year 2008 ISRO’s lunar spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 was successful.
Now its planning to build another spacecraft for 2nd Lunar mission which has been named as Chandrayaan-2. ISRO scientists are experimenting on this on a Mockup Lunar surface. And this year (2017) Chandrayaan-2 will be launched towards Moon, but this time its mission is not capturing Lunar surface. Actually ISRO is planning to install a space Telescope on Lunar surface through Chandrayaan-2, as ISRO chairman Kiran Kumar said. ISRO is having a deep discussion with the Madras IIT students. Even the discussion will reach globally. At present ISRO has installed Telescopes at Hanle, Leh & Ladakh, which are being operated from Bengaluru.

ISRO is also going to build a world record by sending maximum 83 satellites through one space vehicle till the date.

Source: ISRO

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