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Next English issue: MAY 2019
1st Bengali issue: APRIL 2019

Publish your Article in Magazine issues, we’re particularly interested in articles on Astronomy/Space, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Nano-science, Health/Bioscience and Earth Science for magazine publishing (4 issues in a year).

Deadlines of submission

  • Submit articles for English issue on or before: APRIL 20, 2019
  • Submit articles for Bengali issue on or before: MARCH 20, 2019

What are the Requirements?

Requirements are not so hard nor so easy. Let’s take a look at the requirements and common rules for approval of an article.
You will have to sure that-

  • The Article should be in ENGLISH (for ISSN registered English issue) or in BENGALI (for our different Bengali publication)
  • Your article should contain things SCIENCE.
  • We’re interested in detailed explanations or deep discussions in an easy way on any theory from science.
  • We won’t approve any informative paper or news type article.
  • We don’t prefer any article based on metaphysics.
  • The final draft of your article must be in [*.DOCX] or [*.DOC] format.
  • The Article should contain a Headline or Title.
  • The Article should not be copied from anywhere.
  • Your article should not be published in any magazine (not journals) before.
  • The Article should contain at least 500 words.
  • The person who is going to write an article should be sure that his/her writing is grammatically correct.
  • You may include any relevant image(s). [optional]

How to Submit the Article(s)?

Please note that: at the ending of your writing must write your Name, your permanent Address, your designation, phone number, and email address to contact you after publishing our magazine. (Your email will not be disclosed anywhere, not even in Magazine without your permission. (check our Privacy Policy for further information)

Click on the upload button below, all your details will be safe as per Akashganga Science Magazine’s Privacy Policy]

Facing any issues while uploading?

Please contact/email us with the error you’re facing at ASAP.

Final Words from Editor

If you are going to submit your Article here, I am really happy that you found us valuable and perfect for your valuable article. And if you are not going to write for us, then I suggest you try us. Your article can reach you and us at the top. Thanks!

After receiving your article(s), our referee/experts will review your article and contact you if it’s something we’re interested in publishing. Please do note that submission does not guarantee publication.

Please Note: Name of the referees won’t be disclosed to others in light of fair review process.

  • As of now, we don’t pay any honorarium to the contributors/writers for article submission and publication. We just want to spread science articles from science lovers of any level across the globe.
  • We also don’t charge/take any amount from the contributors/writers against article submission and publication. Article submission and publication (if selected) is absolutely free and will be.

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